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8/12- I'm back, now if you have any e-mails, mail them to BoT_Sorcerer, I'm back in charge.

7/31- BoT has two new members..BoT_Bang and BoT_SirSteele, check out the members section for more info. BoT_Silentsniper will be in charge until the 10th or 11th because I'm going on vacation. I will notify you on the site when I get back. But, until then, direct your e-mails too him unless you want to wait till the 10th or 11th to get them answered.

7/29- The website is now full screen, unless you are a netscape user. Don't worry, this site works for netscape users too, just not in the same way. All sections are mostely complete; I'm now working out the details.

7/28- Today I started building this website. I took and edited many screenshots from the game to complete the interface you see now. Some sections aren't done yet but will be done shortly.